Dorothy Aromando aged 21 when working as a cartographer for Army

About Dorothy

Dorothy’s Bio

Dorothy Aromando latest photoDorothy’s love for art started as a small child when, much to here parents dismay,she would regularly draw over the walls. They would paint over them, only to find a week later, more drawings had appeared! At school, she had the same problem, often being told off by the teachers for doodling over school books. However her skill and passion were infamous, and her talent didn’t go unnoticed. In fact, Dorothy’s first ever painting (which she completed at school), was so impressive – dramatic ocean waves morphing into spectacular galloping white horses – that during its exhibition it was stolen, never to be seen again! To this day, we still don’t know by whom.

A skilled & talented woman

Her passion for drawing led to her taking A-­level art, and there after, her attention to detail secured Dorothy a position in the army,drawing highly intricate maps. At the age of just 21, she took on a full time position as cartographer. Outside of work Dorothy’s flare flourishes – she joined local art classes, and won several competitions, including one for a beautiful pencil drawing of the village pond and surrounding shrubbery.

With natural passion & flare

As a young woman, Dorothy was swept off her feet by an Italian who she later married. As you might imagine, she also fell in love with Italy itself it’s where much of her inspiration came from: the stunning countryside and landscapes, luscious fruit and foods, impressive sculptures, statues and architecture. There was just so much to be impressed by, and her deep affection for the region shone through her art.

Dorothy loved to watch people and animals: their facial expressions, how they interacted, how they moved. Her fascination was just the same with still life objects too, quite often she would buy a vegetable, say, a cabbage for instance, simply because of the way it looked. If the shape inspired her, she had to have it as a still life subject! And when she was on the phone, you could tell what the conversation was about as she’d be doodling as she talked. In essence, Dorothy loved art, it was something that was ingrained into her everyday life, every moment. She loved it.


Who is Susanna Aromando?

SusieSusanna is Dorothy’s daughter. Describing Dorothy as not just a mother but her best friend, she created the Dorothy Aromando Art Fund as a way to drive awareness and raise money for a charity who helped both her mother throughout her illness, MesoUK. Having been left with over 100 pieces of artwork she wanted to honour her mother and make people understand the impact of this deadly disease, hoping to help other patients and families dealing with Mesothelioma

When not working with the charity (MesoUK),Susanna can be seen on her horses either at home or in competition, and has competed internationally for dressage.